Terms & Conditions


  1. The Side Of Stage program (the “Program”) is conducted by CanTeen – The Australian Organisation For Young People Living With Cancer ABN 77 052 040 516 (“CanTeen”, “we”, “us”).  The Program gives eligible entrants the chance to win tickets to concerts and festivals (“Events”) selected by CanTeen. In these terms and conditions, “tickets” includes both tickets and other methods of allowing attendance at Events (for example, having your name placed on an official guest list).

  2. Information on our website about on how to enter, and about the Events for which tickets are available, form part of these Terms and Conditions. By participating in the Program, entrants agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

  3. Entry is free and is open to people who are:

    (a) residents of Australia;
    (b) between the ages of 12 and 25 inclusive; and
    (c) who are affected by cancer through:
              (i)  being diagnosed with cancer themselves;
              (ii) a parent, caregiver or sibling having cancer; or
              (iii) the death of a parent, caregiver or sibling due to cancer.

    If our website indicates that an Event can only be attended by persons 18 and over (an “Over 18 Event”), then if you are under 18 you are ineligible for tickets for that Event and are not allowed to submit an entry for them.

  4. We reserve the right to verify the validity of entries and entrants and to disqualify any entrant if we are unable to confirm to our reasonable satisfaction that their entry is accurate and complies with these terms and conditions.

  5.  If you submit an entry, you may be contacted by a CanTeen representative by telephone as part of the verification process and asked to supply further information about yourself and your entry. If you are under 18, we may also seek to speak to your parent or guardian by telephone. If we are unable to speak to you and/or your parent or guardian, or if we speak with you and/or your parent or guardian but are unable to obtain the information we reasonably seek (or if you are under 18, any consent we seek from your parent or guardian for you to receive tickets and attend an Event), we may deem you ineligible to receive tickets for the relevant Event.

  6. If at any stage (e.g. your 25 word answer) we become worried about your safety or the safety or someone close to you, we may need to get other people involved to help you. If this happens, we will need to let them know enough information to help you. If we think this may happen, we will try our best to let you know first.

  7. The way we will do this, is to reach out to your via your provided contact details to check in on you. We may take other appropriate steps (e.g. notifying health services) to help protect your health and safety. It is your choice about whether you want to respond but we hope that you will so that we can support you in the best possible way

  8. To submit an entry, entrants must:
    (a) upload an explanation in 25 words or less of why they should win the relevant tickets being offered ; and
    (b) provide all other information required as part of the online entry form (including your date of birth).
    All information supplied as part of an entry must be truthful and accurate.

  9. Entries will be accepted only during the acceptance period specified on our website for the relevant Event.      

  10. Entries that are incomplete, indecipherable or contain illegal, sexual, offensive or discriminatory content will be deemed invalid.

  11. The winners will be chosen by a representative of CanTeen by the date specified on our website for the relevant Event. The representative’s decision will be based on his or her opinion of what is the best entry. This decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into in relation to that decision.

  12. If necessary, any unclaimed tickets will be allocated to the next best entry as determined by a representative of CanTeen.  Please let us know as soon as possible if you win tickets but are unable to use them, so that we can allocate them to another eligible entrant.

  13. The winner of tickets for an Event will be notified by telephone and also by email.

  14. Winners of tickets to Events will be responsible for arranging their own travel to the relevant Event, and will be responsible for all ancillary costs associated with attending the Event, include airfares or other travel costs, accommodation costs, meals and refreshments.

  15. Each winner of tickets to an Event in the Promotion will win two tickets for the relevant Event. One of those tickets must be used personally by the winner. The other ticket may be used by a guest selected by the winner (“Guest”).  Neither of the tickets may be sold to anyone. If the Event is an Over 18 Event, your Guest must be 18 or over.

  16. Winners and their Guests must comply with
    (a) all ticketing terms and conditions for the relevant Event; and
    (b) all policies, guidelines and reasonable directions issued by the organiser of the relevant Event;

    (“Event Terms”). If you are under 18, and if the Event Terms require that you be accompanied by a parent or other adult when attending the Event, then your Guest must be a parent or other adult who complies with the relevant requirements in the Event Terms.

  17. If a winner breaches these terms and conditions, or if a winner or their Guest breaches the Event Terms, then the relevant tickets will, if we so decide, be forfeited by the winner.

  18. To the maximum extent permitted by law, we are not responsible nor liable for any late, lost or misdirected communications (including but not limited to communications regarding tickets for Events).

  19. Any cost associated with accessing the Program website and/or submitting an entry online is the entrant’s responsibility and is dependent on the internet service provider used.

  20. You acknowledge that CanTeen is not the organiser or promoter of Events and is not responsible for the presentation and conduct of the Events. If an Event for which you have won tickets is cancelled, CanTeen will endeavour to obtain tickets for you to an appropriate replacement Event, but you acknowledge that it may not be possible for CanTeen to obtain such tickets. To the maximum extent permitted by law, CanTeen will have no responsibility or liability if an Event for which you have won tickets is cancelled or altered. 

  21. Nothing in these terms and conditions limits, excludes or modifies or purports to limit, exclude or modify the statutory consumer guarantees as provided under the Competition and Consumer Act, or any other implied warranties under any other applicable laws in the State and Territories of Australia. To the maximum extent permitted by law, CanTeen excludes all liability for any personal injury, or any loss or damage whether direct, indirect, special or consequential, arising in any way out of:
    (a) any entry submitted by you as part of the Program;
    (b) the conduct of the Program;
    (c) participation by you in the Program, including attendance at Events using tickets won in the Program; or
    (d) unforeseen circumstances (including but not limited to, infection by computer virus, bugs, tampering, unauthorised interference or intervention, technical failures), war, terrorism, state of emergency or disaster (including but not limited to natural disaster);
    except to the extent caused by CanTeen’s negligence.

  22. We collect personal information in order to conduct the Program. If the information requested is not provided, the entrant may not participate in the Program.  We may, for the purpose of conducting the Program, disclose such information to third parties, including but not limited to contractors, service providers, ticketing agencies, promoters and organisers of Events and, as required, to Australian regulatory authorities. Entry is conditional on providing this information. Further information about how we collect and use personal information is provided in our Privacy Policy, which forms part of these terms and conditions and can be found here: https://sideofstage.org.au/privacy-policy/

  23. All entries become the property of CanTeen and CanTeen may use (and may authorise others to use) any entry for promotional and marketing purposes in connection with CanTeen and the Program in any media throughout the world.

  24.  If any part of these terms and conditions are or become illegal, invalid or unenforceable in any relevant jurisdiction, the legality, validity or enforceability of the remainder of these terms and conditions will not be affected and these terms and conditions will be read as if the part had been deleted in that jurisdiction only. These terms and conditions will be governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of New South Wales, Australia and the parties submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts exercising jurisdiction in that State.